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China heat sink innovative solutions provider for cooling power

High density fins heat sink high aspect ratio stacked heat sink skiving heat sink combined heat sink swaging profile heat exchangers for cooling high power electronics applications. IGBT heat sinks.

Stacked fin heat sink combination heatsink design makes it possible to fabricate large sized densely packed fabfin structures for high power heat sink requirements, unlimited possibilities as to length, width, height, fin thickness and fin spacing, swaged process allows a multitude of aluminum fins are mechanically attached to dual aluminum baseplates at the same time without using any adhesive. The concept of increasing fin efficiency by sharing fins between two baseplates originated in the one piece hollow extrusion. The standard available line of shapes extends almost every .25" in height from 1.00" to 8.00" high at fin spacing of about 0.10",and high aspect ratios could reach 50:1

Bonded fin heat sink offers a variety of natural and forced convection profile assemblies, its configurable in a variety of ways, reliable, cost effective, and highly efficient thermal management solutions for high power and densely packaged applications, even in demanding shock and vibration environments. Crimped fin heat sinks are used when the required combination of large heat sink size, tall fins and high fin density, its high ratio aspect can reach 50:1

Extrusion heat sink 5000tons extrusion machine helps high fin density heatsink, deagonals can beyond 20" with aspect ratios challenge 25:1

Skiving heat sink is our new technical for cooling profiles, and from our CNC skiving machines, heat sink improved very much compared old technology.       Skived Heat Sinks are those that are produced using the skiving process. The skiving process produces heat sinks with very high fin density, creating more surface area for heat dissipation. A drawback though is the thick base often seen in skived heat sinks, higher weight and the heat sinks needing to be placed properly in forced air flow to be efficient.

Swaging technology : The metal displacement process developed  and created an interface between the fin and a monolithic base plate, which has no measurable thermal resistance. Because there is no adhesives in the interface region, the FabFin principle provides outstanding performance in even the harshest environments, fins are swaged by pieces of extruded aluminum heat sinks, no air gap between interface after being processed, customized length and height are available.

Widely used in power convection application like mobile communication infrastructure, telephone base station, inverter, AC drive ( like adjustable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, IGBT frequency converters ), UPS, welding machine, vehicle, medical equipment, electrical cabinet, automation, subway etc high power devices.

High density stacked bonded extrusion heatsink will be smart choice. 

high technical stacked heat sink bonded heatsink in the world

aluminum motor shell motor enclosure with TOP quality level.          

Ceramic Heat Sinks is a new thing for heat sink with thermal management of high power, voltage electronics, photovoltaic, LED, power resistors and other applications.                                   

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